Switch System

  • The "Four Stack" system from Hamplus allows one array of antennas for simultaneous operation. It is possible operate with two, three or four antennas.

  • For each set of antennas of the same band, two devices are used, the switch box and the remote control.
The switch box is where the antennas are connected and where the coaxial cable that goes to the station. It is designed to be installed externally near the antennas and don´t need housed.
The remote is the equipment where the antenna selections are made and some configurations that the system allows. It has 5 illuminated buttons, 4 for the selection of antennas and one to aid in programming. The antenna selection keys work on the ON / OFF mode, ie pres once turn on, press again turn off. So it is easy to control which of antennas you want to use at a certain time. The combination of antennas for the transmission and reception can be performed independently quickly and easily. As an example, we can program the system to transmit using antennas 1, 2 and 4 with and receive using antennas 2 and 3. The system is managed and supervised by a microcontroller that has an internal software designed to meet the various system functions and easy operation.

In some installations, especially those designed for contests, is very frequent found more than one shack and more than one stack system. All control boxes can be interconnected so that any remote can command any switch box. In this case each shack would have one remote that will operate on the band in use, ie, any remote may control any one switch box without the need to exchange any cabling.

The "Four Stack" system from Hamplus is manufactured for maximum power of 3000 Watts ready for 1.8 to 30MHz.


Conection sugestions
The connections between components of the Four Stack system are quite simple. A control cable follows the remote control to switch box. The Hamplus can supply this cable with connectors already mounted at the desired length. In installations of multiple stacked systems, the remote are connected together forming a communications network by means of cables with connectors type P2. The system needs to be powered by a 13.8 Volts connector that exists on the remote control.



Setup and Operation Instructions
Connection Cable


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